Thursday, October 10, 2013

FBI Documents About Nikola Tesla

First time in public !

Right upon Tesla's death, Custodian of Alien Property (FBI) run into his hotel room, and confiscated all of his research papers, as well as his belongings, for national security reasons. 
That was during World War II,and they wanted to get their hands on his last inventions, 
including Death Ray before the Germans did.
 Documents containing information what have been found in Tesla's hotel room 
were kept in secret for many years,
until recently, just some of this reports were released for public.

What they want you believe:


What it really is

Below this text, you will see download link for FBI reports on Nikola Tesla,

first time released in public !
What you will read in these documents will reveal you some secrets about life of Nikola Tesla,
and I believe anyone who respects Nikola Tesla and his work should read it, and have it in their collection.